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Haha :)

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Excuse me as I vent on social media

I haven’t done this in a while so I figured this would be the best place to vent yet to keep it sort of private.

1. STOP LIKING ALL OF MY BOYFRIENDS PICTURES ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE THERE IS. & stop texting him too. You cheated on him so what gives you the fucking courage to interact with him like you aren’t the worst person in the world? Because you are. Youre annoying, and worthless so please back the fuck off of MY boyfriend. Thanks.

2. I haven’t even met this girl that im going to be travelling with in person but I hate her already lol pretending like we’re best friends, like she knows me… And then continued to steal my tattoo idea. Like REALLY?! CAN YOU NOT.

End rant. Thanks, I feel a little better now.